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What Your “Shoreline” Ice Cream Sandwich Says About You

Shoreline Sandwich Company downtown is celebrating(?) the chaos that is tax day by offering up five amazing-sounding types of ice cream sandwiches this week. Like a Beatles album or Pokemon, there’s one to suit every personality or mood. Here are a few I and my awesome co-worker Chris tried. 


This ice cream, not the typical neon green or toothache inducing sweetness, is sandwiched between two chocolate cookies.  Both the mint and chocolate are refreshing light and subtle.

What this choice says about you: You go with the flow and don’t stress about arriving fashionably late. You immediately Instagramed this ice cream sandwich. 


Who expected ice cream to have a kick? But that’s what you get when you bite into the Mexican chocolate ice cream sandwich.Whether it was the velvety cream or the gingery cookies that covered it, it’s hard to tell. But get ready for a jolt when you sink your teeth into it. This dessert goodie bites back.

What this choice says about you: You’re adventurous and frequently entertain the idea of spiking your morning coffee.


Speaking of coffee, this ice cream sandwich was an instant burst of sweet, sweet caffeine punctuated by chocolate from the two soft cookies betwixt which the ice cream is lovingly nestled.

What it says about you: You are frequently stressed out and occasionally crave a cigarette. You have amazing, diverse taste in music. 

Seems like these babies are for sure offered this week, so get ‘em (at $2.50 a pop) while you can.